Once upon a time

MR Job was back in his small Apartment in Copenhagen. Actually he has been there for years. Suddently the DZ beamer started to ring ! JOb was confused but answered anyway. Hello JOB the voice said it is Adpoz ! hello JOB said it has been years since I heard from you and I almost died here ! I know my boy Adpoz said but I wanted to tell you my son that you have almost completed the misssion and Eclipse 2 will soon be there  to pick you up ! I tell you father I am happy to hear that because I am so fucking tired of this Planet Earth and the Cold humans here. Easy my boy Adpoz answered, you have had a rough time but I tell you , you have done a good JOB and you will soon be blessed with Money, fame and everything the humans praise so high. But I tell you my boy you have the love from your wonderfull wife Agent Honey ! I know this JOB answered his father. The final comment from Adpoz was: Dear son I have much to do in the universe and I can not talk anymore but have a Little patience boy and you will be rewared soon ! The DZ beamer was quit…JOB was a Little confused but knew at that moment that he was alone at Earth and still Eclipse 2 was far away. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK JOB thought to him self what could he do now. Nothing he thought to himself so he went for the bed !


Lifedreamtravel, MR JOB, Planet Earth, local time :14:57

The Wall



MR JOB was philosophizing as usual and this time about the “Wall”. He thought to himself that the world is full of “Walls“, real Walls in buildings etc. but on another plane/level all the “Walls” that people and Nations build up between each other. Anyway to be more concrete MR JOB can think of 3 famous Walls. The big Chinese Wall, the one in Berlin, but most important, the ancient Wall in Jerusalem. MR JOB thought to himself, maybe I should go there on a “Pilgrim Journey”, yeah go dawn there and touch this Wall and pray for piece and democracy on Planet Earth.

The “Spacewatch”

“MR JOB and his “Spacewatch” and about travelling”



The “Dude” and MR JOB was as ususal talking about travelling. The Dude asked MR JOB, dear JOB what is the most important thing for you to bring when you go travelling…?? That is definately my old watch MR JOB replied, the “Spacewatch”. What are you talking about JOB, “The Dude”said, you don´t ovn a “Spacewatch”. Maybe not JOB said but it is a damn old watch and in good working condition. The friend asked, JOB why is the watch so important for you ?? It is important JOB replied because it always show me the exact time no matter what SECTOR of the world I am in. I is not an expensive watch I think I bought in 1995 for a fair price. Anyway JOB continued it is not an automatic it runs on battery but it is a Chronograph as I prefer.


OK JOB, “The Dude said”, why is the watch so important for you ??


MR JOB answered, dear “Dude” I was not telling you the exact truth, I brought this watch all the way from the “Planet Guardian” to Earth just like the sunglasses and actually that is the only two things I have from there…!


The “Dude” said, dear JOB, you and your weird stories, anyway let me see the watch he said….!!


Take a look below the “JOBBER” said, I put a Picture there of the old “beauty”….!!


mr job 017

The Sign

“MR JOB and the story about your “LIFEDREAMTRAVELING” SIGN”



MR JOB was lying on the sofa philosophizing a little as usual. Suddenly the DZ beamer started to ring completely crazy….!!


MR JOB answered and it was General Adpos again. Hello general MR JOB said, hello dear JOB the general said…!


The general continued, dear JOB I believe that you are on the “track” now but something is missing and unfortunately you are still far from completing the mission…!!


What is missing MR JOB said, the general replied you know the mission was to; Save planet Earth and mankind, restore balance and help the survival of our own race and finally that you MR JOB get rewarded and find the LOVE you have been looking for. Why JOB said…, why is my personal life important after all I am just a “small brick in the puzzle“…!! “Yes and no” Adpos said, there you are wrong my boy, you are a very “BIG” brick in the puzzle and you will know before or later…!!


I am quite confused here, JOB said. I understand Adpos said but I can give you one small hint…!! What is that JOB said, “LOOK OUT FOR THE SIGN” the general replied and this sign is in your “vision” and “probably” inside yourself…!!


Can you say something more, JOB asked ??


All for now the general said I am a busy man, but believe me that you need to find this dear JOB, otherwise we might need to leave Planet Earth permanently…Final word Adpos said, if or when you find you will have the vacation of a lifetime…!!



JOB wanted too ask more, but he heard the “beep tone” in the DZ Beamer…the general had hung up….!!


JOB was very irritated after the conversation but then he spend some time looking at some old pictures of friends, family and the like “from the past” and he thought to himself, we just might have a clue there…………..!!

“The Ride”




Again MR JOB and the friend were having the conversation.


The friend ask MR JOB, dear JOB I can see you been taking a hell of a “ride” down here.


MR job answered as politely as usual; Dear “pal” you are absolutely right there and yes I should be embarrassed about what people think, but I am not said JOB. JOB said; Dear friend I can not go in to details but all I can tell you is I am “The Man”.


The friend answered,; JOB what are you talking about ?? Who is the man….!!!


JOB said, dear old Dude…actually I do not know about this MAN…but I can tell you that I am different….!!!


This friend have known JOB for many years and he said; JOB I know you are different and actually everybody knows….!!!


Yes JOB answered I am definitely different but you my friend will experience in a short time that I am more that different………..!!!!


Who are you JOB the friend asked ??? Are you “Jesus” or something like that or are you trying to start a new religion ???


NOOOOOOOOOOOOH JOB replied take it easy my friend….You know about my past life so you know that I am not a “saint“….!!!!


JOB said for the friend, dear friend I can not tell you anything and actually I do not know anything besides the fact that I am one “Lonely Rider”….but not an ordinary one, I am a guy one a “MISSION”……..!!!!


From the Diary; MR JOB, Planet Earth, 26/8-2011, local time; 19:50

The Dream

JOB’S lovely DREAM about Oranges and Hammocks

2011,Planet Earth. 08:57 Local Time

“I try to find my way in the fog light and the darkness but you will hear from me again. I am a tremendous fighter and could have been an excellent soldier, except that I do not like violence. In other words, the “demons and” gnomes “as I have run around with for a lifetime will soon disappear and be chased away.”
Job turned uneasily in bed ….

The dream.


“One of these days I will dig dawn 2 oranges into my backyard and wait for them to grow up so one day I can” throw the hammock up and lie and dream a little in it with my daughter “, it will probably take many years but I will wait patiently, yes it will probably take a lifetime, but will be in place when Princess Sara of” Guardian “grow up. JOB woke with a start and thought to himself, ”nay” the oranges I will serve I better buy in the local supermarket , there’s no oranges growing in this part of the world.

In other words, the dream of oranges is enormously wonderful. I think everyone in the world should think about this, kids, youngsters, old, Ill, healthy, ..etc, I’ll Tell it to little Sara next time I see her. JOB thought again, but it’s also the only love I feel here on earth, my beloved daughter Sara, Princess of Guardian. JOB wiped the tears from his eyes. The first time he had cried since he was a child (no, he had probably been crying a few more times) … … … In that moment the DZ beamer growled, it was the general, it thundered from the speaker. JOB stop the daydreaming and have focus on the task. YES General replied JOB.


“The Conversation about the STAR”


JOB was sitting back home in his small apartment in Copenhagen, “dreaming” and relaxing his “old bones”…!!!


Then suddenly the DZ beamer started ringing…“`Shit it is general Adpos again JOB was thinking !!


He answered the call; Hello it is JOB, hello JOB the general sounded a little angry…


The general continued, dear JOB he said, I thought you wanted to win this “Mission”…Sorry JOB said I have given up, you just send ECLIPSE2 dawn here to pick me up….NO JOB the general said, I can not and will not do that…!! Why JOB said ??; I have been trying to do what is in my POWER but nothing has come out of it. The general said, dear JOB I said it before your “POWER BASE” is extreme, you just do not know it, you know I told you to search for the “KEY” and you have obviously not found it….!!!


Adpos continued, I know it is raining like hell dawn there but I tell you, tonight you shall go and sit in your Yard as you always do and then you will look the “STAR”…!!


What STAR JOB replied…Come on Adsop said, the same one that been “hanging” just above your place for years, I know you been looking at it several times…!!


OOH yes JOB said that STAR is my favorite and if it comes out tonight I will look.

General Adsop said, dear son I can not help you anymore but the final CLUE is to look for that specific STAR tonight and you will be rewarded.


The General hung up and JOB was thinking, yes I probably will sit and look for the STAR tonight and I hope I get some answers……!!


Finally JOB remembered 1000 of years ago in another solar system where he was a highly respected “Star warrior”, but then again he do not like violence so put that memory behind you……………!!!

mr job 094

Planet Earth, Local Time, 14:47, 28/8-2011

The Computer




Actually MR JOB thinks there is the same components and the same layout, basics, configuration etc. in any computer, only the brand is different.



MR JOB has worked for many computer companies, right now he own a simple computer laptop and it´s working perfect. MR JOB will not tell the brand name of his computer but he can tell you that it is an Absolutely Configured, Excellent and Reliable computer he has…………..!!!



Anyway “Computers is like woman, to begin with they cost a fortune and are very fast and good working, in the end you need to trash them or get the penny it is worth”.


Sorry, MR JOB have the deepest respect for Computers, Computer Companies as well as WOMAN. Anyway the joke is bad and we should respect both and primarily Woman, the best he ever come across was his mother but anyway, just like my favourite song with John Lennon “WOMAN” !!


Anyway, just another bad joke from MR JOB, and if you don´t like woman, buy a mainframe…there should be enough in there to get you occupied…!!!


“Religion – The conversation”



MR JOB was sitting in his living room having a nice conversation with the same old “dude”. Anyway the friend asked MR JOB; Dear Job you have been speaking a little about religion and what it does to people and about the “rules” of live, the “commandments”, anyway the friend say; JOB what is it with you and religion ??


Actually nothing much the “JOBBER” said……….!!!


Can you give me some “clues” or some details about you opinion MR JOB, the friend asked ??


JOB was relaxing watching some television but he said for the friend, I have a small story to tell you and actually I made it myself…!!



OKAY JOB said; I will ask you a question and here it comes; “Many, actual most religions on Planet Earth has been born thousand of years ago and they all have one special character in the story; These guys are called God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and the like just to mention a few …!!” Anyway, the JOBBER” continued; Dear friend can you then tell me why none of theses guys ever have set there foot on Earth again ??????


The old friend thought carefully about MR JOB´s question and he said, No JOB actually I can not find the answer for that …!!


OKAY MR JOB said, actually I do not know the answer myself but what I think is that these guys are sitting somewhere beyond the horizon and watching “mankind” and I think that they are doing whatever they can to pull us in different directions…!!


MR JOB continued, enough about religion, actually I have the deepest respect for people that believe in something and I do not care where they come from, who they are or what “God” they praise but I do care very much if they do not “behave” in a decent and proper manner.


The friend said; What is your conclusion MR JOB, “The JOBBER” said; There is no conclusion to this question about religion, all I can tell you my friend is however that there is no religion on planet Earth that preaches you to be violent in his name. Actually “religion´s“, most of them, teach you to be a kind and caring person but I must admit MR JOB said that this have been misinterpreted and violated buy the human race for thousands of years. I mean “Holy war“, “Crusades” or whatever, in my opinion this is not the meaning or the lesson in the religion book…!!!


I am sorry my friend I do not have more to say, The friend said; Dear JOB you said more than enough and I agree with it all……..!!


Stay cool man, you too JOB said and went for the bed……………………………

MR JOB and the lonely Star




MR JOB was home in his small apartment in Copenhagen. Everything was quiet until the DZ beamer started to ring, it was the General.


Hello Adpos said, hello General MR JOB said. Adpos continued; Tonight the shining star is in the sky and actually it is the only star you can see above you. JOB went outside and looked in the air and then he returned to the DZ Beamer and said: You are right Adpos indeed there are only one STAR shining at my Copenhagen apartment tonight, MR JOB replied; Maybe it is because it is “Election night tonight” in Denmark, we are once again trying to “hit the skies” of our good old democracy. Actually we have what is called a “constitutional democracy”. That means JOB continued that we still have a small “Kingdom” here with the Queen and her family and I think that is quite good. Why is it good Adpos asked ?? Job answered, I think it is good for the country in terms of marketing and Status but you should know that the “royalty” have very little influence on the “powerbase” here. Okay enough of that Adpos said, but my final comment for you JOB is to dream about that specific STAR tonight and you will soon see changes in your live. That is my final comment for now and the General hang up !!


MR JOB was thinking about this specific conversation as well as the other conversations he had with the General and he thought to himself, there must be something about this STAR…Issue…!!


Then he went for bed to have the good dreams..!


Planet Earth, 15/9-2011, local time:22:26